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Reborn Art Festival 2017

宮城県で開催される芸術祭「REBORN-ART-FES 2017」「apbankfes2017」 にグッズデザインとして参加。タイトルは宙鹿(そらしか)。始まりと未来、万物の広がりを表す宇宙を使って、牡鹿半島や石巻から新しい未来を紡いでいくイメージをデザインしました。

I participated as a goods designer at the art festival "REBORN-ART-FES 2017" "apbankfes 2017" that were held in Miyagi prefecture. The title is SORA-SHIKA (deer from universe). Using deer that symbol of these areas, and the universe that represents the beginnings/future, and the spread of all things, I designed it with a wish that Oshika Peninsula and Ishinomaki would gather the threads of new future. 

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For Reborn-Art-Festival 2017 official goods

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